Видео: Castle Crashers Tutorial: Demon Sword Location

Castle Crashers - All Weapons Guide

IF you have ANY questions AT ALL, LOOK AT THE DESCRIPTION FOR ANSWERS FIRST because I put down a lot of answers to ...

Castle Crashers - Final Battle: How to get Demon Sword / Como conseguir a Demon Sword

ATENÇÃO/WARNING: A chance da espada dropar NÃO é de 100% The chance of the sword drop is NOT 100% Como conseguir ...

Castle Crashers - Demon Sword

How to get the Demon Sword in Castle Crashers http://castlecrashers.wikia.com/wiki/Demon_Sword.

Dayzed Gaming -- We beat Castle Crashers Remastered & get the Demon Sword & Secret Party Sword!!!

We are playing some castle crashers. In this episode we will show you the final boss and how to get the Demon Sword and the ...

Castle Crashers: Key Sword

Castle Crashers. Buzzoflemrod finds the Key Sword.

Top 5! Best weapons in Castle Crashers!

Hey fam, here are the top five best weapons in Castle Crashers. Enjoy!

Castle Crashers: How to get the Ham and Ice sword

Plus another weapon I never even knew that was there.

Castle Crashers - How to Get the Rubber Handle Sword

The rubber handle sword is a weapon in Castle Crashers that was patched out of the game soon after its release. From then on ...

(Read desc) How to get the KING in Castle Crashers

If your here to learn how to get the king please watch another video... this video is so bad and I still can't believe it has as many ...

Castle Crashers - Rubber Handled Sword with 1 player

Step 1. Beat the game Step 2. Walk over to the side of the Thief shooting arrows. Step 3. Walk in front of him and shield his arrows, ...

BATTLE FOR THE DEMON SWORD | Castle Crashers (Ep. 16)(Bonus Ep. 4)

Time to take on the final boss for the SECOND TIME because somebody forgot to grab his sword the first time around. Welcome to ...

How to get the demon sword in castle crashers

This video will come i handy if you are on level 20 of higher.

Castle Crashers - Cardinal/Beholder and Key Sword Guide

Castle Crashers Guide to getting Cardinal Animal Orb, Key Sword and Secret Animal Orb Beholder found in the Animal Ark's ...

Castle Crashers: 6 Hidden Weapons | Hints and Tips

Twitter! Follow us: @Crossine, @titus757 Follow our Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/CrossineEntertainment ...

Castle Crashers Remastered Xbox One Lava World Boss Battle

This is the boss battle on the level Lava world.

Castle Crashers - Caveira Branca/Demon Sword

Voltei pra pegar a Demon Sword...

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